Woman's Guide -seinäkyltti*

Koodi: LP24197

Metallinen ja hieman rustiikkinen seinäkyltti, jonka teksti antaa parisuhdeohjeita naisille. The Woman's Guide To Love And Lasting Relationships: 1. Find a man who makes you laugh. 2. Find a man who has a job and can cook. 3. Find a man who is honest. 4. Find a man who will pamper you and give you gifts. 5. Find a man who is awesome in the bedroom. 6. Most of all. It is very important that these five men never meet!
Kyltti on kaareva, joten se pysyy pystyssä itsekseen.

  • Leveys 21 cm
  • Korkeus 30 cm
  • Ripustusketju

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